Internet Explorer 11 Download Manager will not start when virtualized with AppV 4.6 SP3 2

A co-worker recently ran into this problem at one of his projects. An Internet Explorer 11 add-on was virtualized using AppV 4.6 SP3 and the add-on uses the Internet Explorer Download Manager to serve up documents from a back-end. On the AppV client however pressing CTRL+J or going to the menu to start Download Manager would not start the Download Manager. The problem could be reproduced by me on my own Windows 7 Enterprise x64 image with AppV 4.6 SP3 client and Internet Explorer 11 installed. I ran some ProcMon and SpyStudio traces, but got word that the customer had opened a case with Microsoft to get a solution for this problem.

Microsoft clearly stated in their response mail that a workaround was needed seeing that AppV 4.6 is in extended support. I will describe the fix supplied by Microsoft below because it turned out to work at another customer that had the same problem.

The solution is to remove the Internet Settings entry from the AppV’s VirtualregistryPassthroughEx registry key that can be found at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SoftGrid\4.5\SystemGuard\Overrides or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\SoftGrid\4.5\SystemGuard\Overrides (x64).

Click image for a graphical representation of the registry key (x64) to remove:


2 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 11 Download Manager will not start when virtualized with AppV 4.6 SP3

  1. Reply Daan Mets Nov 11,2015 12:23

    Thank you Alex! We had the same problem loading a Java Web Application applet. Removing the HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings value from the VirtualregistryPassthroughEx regkey did the trick!

    Just don’t forget to reboot after you removed the key. 😉

  2. Reply Basz Jul 19,2017 21:25

    Thnx Alex! The same issue here and solved with the regkey in a test environment. However I was not sure if this regkey could damage something else so i’ve tested a little bit more. When you open IE while sequencing/monitoring and change something like your proxy settings the download manager does show up when using the package! (at least in my case and you don’t need to use the regkey :-))

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