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I started my IT career at a dutch IT company called Centric. I was hired as a IT trainee in September 1998.

Before that time I was employed by the dutch financial company ING as an archiving employee organizing rows and rows of financial dossiers. At the ING I took pleasure in removing the few restrictions their operating system and network operating system had to offer… He, I can’t help it that Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and Novell 3.2 were that easy to “hack”.

At Centric I started as a support engineer with jobs ranging from service-desk employee till network administrator working at big clients like Canon, Dell, Clifford Chance and ING. My Microsoft certification track started at 1999 when I got my MCP Windows 95 title

Somewhere in 2004 or 2005 I started to become more interested in MSI repackaging using Wise Package Studio as the tool of choice and in September 2005 I got my first assignment as MSI repackager at Township The Hague (Stadsgewest Haaglanden). After a few MSI repackager assignments and finishing the Microsoft MCSE 2003 track I got asked  to be a member of a project team to implement App-V (version at a big dutch construction company called TBI. Looking back I am really glad I accepted this assignment without me knowing anything about App-V, because it really sparked my interest in anything to do with application virtualization and virtualization in general.

After this project I started working for a recently bought part of Centric called Lindeberg IT Solutions. This business unit was basically a packaging street where MSI’s and virtual applications (mainly App-V sequences) were made. Parts of the unique packaging process that Lindeberg IT Solutions adopted were the option to create an application intake for a customer, to have Quality Assurance by letting a second team member check the intended product and two approval points manifested by two documents that had to be signed by the customer for approval. One approval document for the application intake and one approval document for the delivered product (MSI or virtual application).

At Lindeberg IT Solutions I came in contact with other forms of application virtualization besides App-V. I did projects using Citrix Streaming Profiling, ThinApp, Novell ZENWorks Application Virtualization and Symantec Workspace Virtualization. I also came in contact with many products that had a direct link with application virtualization, products like AdminStudio, ChangeBASE, AppDNA,RES Powerfuse (Workspace Manager), RES Wisdom (Automation Manager), Altiris Deployment Server, Application Compatibility Toolkit and System Center Configuration Manager 2007. Not much later I started implementing App-V infrastructures, delivering consultancy about problems with existing application virtualization strategies or infrastructures and setting up an internal App-V training program. Customers of Lindeberg IT Solutions I worked at are Air Traffic Control the Netherlands, Heijmans, SLAZ and PCM (currently called De Persgroep Nederland and publishers of a few newspapers in the Netherlands).

In the summer of 2010 my wife lost her job and that forced me to look for a new job. Fall 2010 I resigned at Lindeberg IT Solutions (already renamed to Centric Infrastructure & Application Management) and was hired by a small system integrator called Qwise as a senior application specialist. As soon as I started at Qwise I came to the conclusion that my Microsoft certification track needed a boost and I completed my MCITP Enterprise Administrator certification. Since working for Qwise I have completed the following milestones:

  • Becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer.
  • Giving a training for several employees of CSC in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Being hired by ATOS to implement ChangeBASE in their ING packaging street and to continue as a technical team leader for the packaging street team.
  • Completing the RES Workspace Manager 2010, RES Workspace Manager 2012, MDOP, Microsoft Server 2012 (MCSA) and Microsoft Server 2012 Desktop Infrastructure (MCSE) certifications.
  • Being named product lead Applications.
  • Being able to explore new products or new versions of existing products like Cameyo and App-V 5.0.
  • Finishing a rather large application migration project at Espria.

I’m about to start a Global Knowledge MCT project to deliver several kinds of Microsoft courses to employees of ATOS and Unica. This MCT project will last for a few months.

Update: A lot has changed over time. I am now working at a company called Avance ICT Groep as a consultant and as a trainer. My current project is at RAM-IT as a technical application specialist.

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  1. Reply Sander Zegveld Mar 22,2013 12:33

    Like your site! Nice summary of your working life and also the layout of the site is just right, not too much but also not too less info.

  2. Reply Marcel Huisman May 19,2015 13:45

    Cool blog, just found it on google.
    We’re finally trying to migrate to App-V 5…
    I will follow your blog for tips&tricks 🙂

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