Adobe Connect meeting without video or sound

Recently I had to give a presentation to a group of people in an Adobe Connect meeting. So far so good…

Before actually giving the presentation I tested the Adobe Connect meeting website, microphone and webcam a few hours earlier. Convinced that everything worked as intended I shut down my laptop. Later that evening I started my laptop and opened Internet Explorer. I went to the Adobe Connect meeting website and started to set up the presentation. For some reason the microphone and webcam wouldn’t work and I began to troubleshoot.

A reboot of the laptop didn’t fix the problem. The sound options in Windows looked OK. The webcam was working in the Windows 8 Camera tile and the microphone was working in the Sound Recorder application within Windows 8. That indicated to me that the problem was within the Adobe Connect meeting website. I went through all the options, closed down en restarted Internet Explorer and cleared the Internet Explorer cache. As I was pressed for time, already thirty people were waiting for my presentation, I went for the best option available and shared my screen showing the presentation and communicated through the Chat pane. I answered most questions and the people present at the meeting seemed satisfied.

After ending the meeting I had to find the root cause of the problem before I could get some sleep. I found the root cause in the settings screen of the Webcam pane on the Adobe Connect meeting website. Apparently Adobe Flash Player had decided to deny the Adobe Connect meeting website access to my camera and microphone (see below). I don’t know why this setting was set to Deny and Remember seeing that I never entered this settings screen before to change this setting. But from now on this is one of the first places I will look for in case of a failing microphone and webcam in an Adobe Connect meeting.


If anyone has any reason why Adobe Flash Player would automatically set these settings to Deny and Remember I would like you to let me know in the comments. Thanks in advance.


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