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I recently completed a project to convert App-V 4.6 sequences to App-V 5.1 sequences. One of these sequences was Oracle SQL Developer. During technical testing of Oracle SQL Developer I would receive an error stating:

Unable to create an instance of the java virtual machine located at path c:\program files\java\jdk1.7.0_55\jre\bin\client\jvm.dll

At the same time a co-worker had the exact same error at his customer with a converted sequence of Oracle SQL Developer. After a short search on Google I found a blog post that helped me to make the Oracle SQL Developer sequence work on the client. Just remember that not all information might be relevant for your problem, because the co-workers project demanded the  Java JDK 1.7.0_55 to be installed and used by Oracle SQL Developer. The steps to get to a solution might therefor be somewhat different.

Steps to fix Oracle SQL Developer on App-V 5.1:

  1. Start the sequencer with the parameter -EnablePVADControl
  2. Set the PVAD to C:\sqldeveloper (if you are going to copy the Oracle SQL Developer to that location, otherwise pick the proper location)
  3. Install the Java JDK to a subfolder of C:\sqldeveloper (or the correct location)
  4. Copy the source files for the Oracle SQL Developer to C:\sqldeveloper (or the correct location)
  5. Start the application
  6. Insert Java JDK path (I installed it to C:\sqldeveloper\Java\jdk1.7.0_55)
  7. Depending on your way of sequencing (cleaning %AppData% from the sequence or not) you either have to edit the file %AppData%\sqldeveloper\\product.conf during monitoring or in your user environment tool. Change the line AddVMOption -Xmx800m to AddVMOption -Xmx256m. Be sure to edit the correct line because there is also a AddVMOption –Xms128m line present.
  8. Stop monitoring
  9. Optionally clean the sequence of unwanted files and registry entries
  10. Save the sequence
  11. Test the sequence on the client

A message about an available update might pop up. I must admit that I haven’t put effort yet in finding out how to disable updates in Oracle SQL Developer.

A big thanks goes out to Hosam Kamel for his blog post ( and the reactions on that blog that pointed me to the proper solution.

I will also let Timothy Mangan know there is one more application to be added to the list of application needing a proper PVAD instead of a dummy. You can find the list of applications needing a PVAD here.



3 thoughts on “Making Oracle SQL Developer with external Java JDK work on App-V 5.1

  1. Reply thatjeffsmith Feb 25,2016 14:02

    depending on what their doing, -Xmx256m might be somewhat limiting

    there’s an option to disable check for updates, it’s in the preferences.xml file

  2. Reply alex Feb 25,2016 15:11

    Functional testing will be required to see if the 256m is enough. If you take the file out of the sequence you have a quick way to edit it to enter a higher figure. Thanks for the location to disable the update check. Much appreciated.

  3. Reply Vigneshwaran Mar 5,2016 09:07

    Open the “%Appdata%\SQL Developer\system3.1.07.42\o.sqldeveloper.\product-preferences.xml” file and click Ctrl+F and enter update and modify the value as shown below. This will suppress the updates available popup at startup.

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