Unexpected behaviour when upgrading AppV 5.0 SP1 sequences

One of my students noticed some unexpected behaviour when upgrading an AppV 5.0 sequence for the second time. I haven’t run into this unexpected behaviour earlier because normally I make a new sequence every single time.

In AppV 4.x the standard behaviour was to append the internal version number associated with the sequence to the .sft output file. The .osd files would then point to the new xxxxx_2.sft file and so on and so on. In AppV 5.0 SP1 this is only true the first time:







When a sequence is upgraded a second time the internal version number is appended to the already added internal version number from the first upgrade:







With a third upgrade the unexpected behaviour is even more clear:







I haven’t come across anyone else mentioning the same behaviour, but I would imagine that I am not the only one that has noticed this unexpected (not standard) behaviour.

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