Fixing WinZip MSI error when sequencing with AppV 5.x 2

In AppV 5.x I have been sequencing applications pointing the primary virtual application directory (PVAD) to a dummy folder like C:\apps. The primary virtual application directory is the location where the virtual file system (VFS) will be created during sequencing. The reason for using a dummy folder is the inability of AppV connection groups to merge only the VFS when it comes to files. I want to be prepared to use the application in an AppV connection group if necessary.

When sequencing WinZip 17.5 in AppV 5.0 SP2 beta in this way the following error appears when starting the application:


The solution seems to be very easy to implement. The error “Unable to install over the MSI version of the installation. Please obtain the MSI version or uninstall WinZip first” will not appear when the PVAD points to the initial installation folder of WinZip and Winzip is actually installed to the initial installation folder. Setting your PVAD to C:\Program Files\WinZip and actually installing to C:\Program Files\WinZip will solve this error.

2 thoughts on “Fixing WinZip MSI error when sequencing with AppV 5.x

  1. Reply Irfan Kucuk Dec 20,2013 10:14

    Nice 😉

  2. Reply Solomon Albert Jan 24,2014 11:25

    Thanks .This fix working in appv 5.0 on a window8.1 environment

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