Failed to generate MSI error in AppV 5.0

Yesterday I spent most of my day finding the cause of strange characters in the xml configuration files. You can find my blog about it here.

While I was trying out saving the sequence in different localized sequencers (dutch and english) I came across the following error:


I initially thought I broke the Windows Installer service or something similar, but the reason for this error is quite easy to discover. As the error states the next step is to check the log. In AppV 5.0 the log is located in the Event Viewer.

I started the Event Viewer and opened the Application and Services Logs \ Microsoft \ AppV \ Sequencer \ Admin node to find an Error with Event ID 5013. Click on the image below to open the error in a new window.


The details on the General tab are pretty clear. For some reason the file PackageMsiTemplate.msi couldn’t be found and used to create a MSI for the sequence. I went on to check the supposed location of PackageMsiTemplate.msi and stumbled on the following:


I only have a nl-nl folder located under C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Virtualization\Sequencer. Because the sequencer was installed while the dutch MUI pack was in effect it only installed the dutch localized version of the sequencer. After I altered the regional settings to show english menu’s the sequencer still only had dutch localization and isn’t able to find any file residing in the en-us folder including the PackageMsiTemplate.msi.

Conlusion: Be careful when dealing with MUI packs and the sequencer. Mind you, I have only tested this with a dutch localized version of the sequencer but I am fairly certain this problem exists in all localized versions of the sequencer.

UPDATE: Back in November of 2013 Sander Vis already wrote a blog on the same error. You can read it here.

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